Press Release 23.01.2015


Press Release: Innovation YZATEC: « Compteur intelligent pour la smart irrigation »

L’application de la technologie piézoélectrique pour les capteurs de débit, développée par la société Yzatec, ouvre des opportunités de marchés intéressantes grâce à une forte réduction du coût des capteurs de débit et compteurs d’eau.

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Press Release 26.09.2014


Press Release: Y-RIG, the new YZATEC ultrasonic wireless meter designed for irrigation applications provides a cost effective solution for new generation of intelligent irrigation systems.

BLAGNAC, France – Yzatec, an innovative company positioned in the ultrasonic sensor market, announces the introduction of its new Y-RIG ultrasonic irrigation water meter, with wireless capabilities in a robust and cost efficient design. Y-RIG will allow irrigation users to create intelligent water irrigation systems to reduce their operating costs.

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Press Release 05.09.2014


Press Release : YZATEC and SYMMETRON announce their partnership to address the CIS countries and Baltics market growing needs for ultrasonic technology in order to create new generation of water meters and heat meters.

BLAGNAC, France – Yzatec, an innovative company positioned in the ultrasonic sensor market, announces today that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Symmetron Group, a leading electronic component distributor headquartered in Moscow, to introduce its technologies into the CIS countries and Baltics market.

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Innovation Award at Hydrogaia


Yzatec wins an innovation award at Hydrogaia 2014 with the Y-RIG product.

Yzatec has presented at Hydrogaia 2014, its latest product Y-RIG to optimize and better manage water irrigation.
The Y-RIG product has got a great acceptance by visitors who see this as an excellent replacement of mechanical meters. The Y-RIG product has also fully convinced the jury of “Trophés Hydro innovation“ who have selected the project and Yzatec received the Innovation award from the Transfers LR organization committee.

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Matrics Project


Yzatec, an innovative company positioned in the sensor market, has joint a French consortium of companies, under the name of MATRICS, to develop new technologies for next generation of water management systems.
The Matrics project will focus on the development of a series of innovative tools that cover the different stages of the cycle of water treatment: raw water, potable water and waste water systems. The integration of these tools into a comprehensive information system will give operators and clients an overview of networks, updated in real time, which represents a major innovation in the field of steering assistance and collaboration of the stakeholders in cycle water treatment.
The developed tools and their components can be configured for a variety of water networks in France and abroad, and related services used by water communities or network operators. The target market is large and can reach some 600 large cities over the world.

For more information about Matrics, please contact us at :

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Press Release 08.01.2014


Yzatec announces Y-RIM Piezo, a new line of piezoelectric sensor conditioners providing a scalable and compact solution for complex embedded acquisition systems.
The new Y-RIM piezo technology will allow to monitor a large number of piezo sensors on a distributed IP network for in-flight testing / embedded acquisition markets.

Rugged, Scalable, Compact, and Cost Efficient acquisition input modules for highly demanding industrial sensing systems

BLAGNAC, France – Yzatec, an innovative company positioned in the piezo-based sensor market, announces the introduction of its new Y-RIM Piezo technology to create rugged acquisition systems requiring a large number of piezoelectric sensors.

Built around its unique piezoelectric charge amplifier that has been fully integrated into a mixed-signal ASIC, the Y-RIM Piezo module will allow customers to connect up to 8 piezoelectric sensors to one rugged multi-input charge amplifier unit and distribute those compact units over the testing environment. All modules are IP connected and can thus be configured, synchronized and managed from a remote web console.

According to Alain Ramond, President and CEO of Yzatec, Y-RIM is a very powerful leading edge approach to solve the growing challenges customers are facing when managing hundreds of sensors in complex testing environments. It provides easy scalability in a distributed environment, using IP connectivity, low cost and compact rugged modules but also users get all benefits from industrial Ethernet solutions such as Power Over Ethernet (POE) and Precise Time Protocol synchronization (PTP).

"The Y-RIM technology enables customers to create large distributed acquisition systems in severe environments such as in-flight testing or real time acquisition systems in industrial applications" Alain Ramond said. “The growing complexity of the acquisition sensor cabling combined with the high temperature, space limited and severe environmental conditions of these embedded testing applications is becoming a nightmare for customers, they need to move to new architectures with reduced cabling , very compact and low cost designs. This is really what the Y-RIM approach is. We are now introducing Y-RIM Piezo, which is one of the flavors of this line of products.

With its rugged design sustaining up to 105°C and its advanced capabilities such as Power–Over- Ethernet (POE) and fast synchronization between sensors (PTP), the Y-RIM Piezo is the ideal solution for highly demanding embedded acquisition systems.

For more information about the Y-RIM Piezo technology, please contact

Yzatec is launching a new line of Ultrasonic flowmeter


Yzatec is launching Y-Flow, a new line of Ultrasonic flowmeter products covering both core components (high performance and low cost Ultrasonic Tranducers with dedicated ASICs) but also complete industrial flowmeter products. The Y-Flow product line covers a large range of application: Heatmeters, HVAC, industrial flowmeters, ... Please send an email at for info.