A full range of key components to create cost competitive high performances water meters and heat meters products for domestic and residential applications.

Single Chip water meter solutions

High precision and Large flow dynamics

Optimized costs, high volume design

Unique and Patented Technology


Main characteristics:

  • Time to Digital Converter
  • Time of Flight calculation
  • X5 temperature high precision measurements
  • Embedded Micro-Controller with advanced sleep/wake up options
  • Integrated Digital interfaces (Pulse, IRDA, UART, SPI)
  • High level API provided for easy integration
  • Low power consumption
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Y-UST Ultrasonic Transducers

The new Yzatec ultrasonic transducers bring the lowest cost and size available in the market with a very robust design, fully encapsulated in high grade material. Main characteristics:

  • Small size, in the flow measurement
  • Automated production processes
  • High grade and stable material
  • Very low dispersion for precise measurement
  • Low Cost
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