Metering Software

Calypso: Automatic Meter Reading Solution For The Irrigation market

To reduce the irrigation operational costs, Yzatec has selected SIGFOX, the new objects narrow bandwidth network, to connect its irrigation meters. Automatic meter reading is provided through the CALYPSO cloud irrigation platform to the irrigation association groups. Monitoring irrigation has never been so easy, works on any connected device (PC, Tablet or Mobile).

Discover and locate irrigation meters

Manage distributed operations in large areas

Monitor water consumption in real time

Report and integrate with third party applications (SOA based)


The calypso platform is composed of two modules:

Meter management module

  • Automatic discovery of new meters
  • Monitoring of the communication layer (signal, transmissions loss,...)
  • Metering data qualification
  • Alert management
  • Object statistics and reporting
  • Compatible with GSM/SIGFOX and other specific networks

Irrigation management module

  • Set-up of irrigation zones and quotas
  • Set-up of irrigation association groups and policies
  • Management of individual water consumption
  • Leak detection tracking and alerting
  • Reporting by email, sms and group management
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