About us

Company Profile

Yzatec is a leading technology company in high performance and cost effective sensors systems for a large range of industrial applications. Yzatec has an extensive background in creating sensor products and electronics for industries such as automotive, aerospace, water management. Our goal is to bring to our customers new competitive advantages which allow them to grow and extend their positions in their respective markets.


Yzatec was created in 2010 and started its business in the industrial market, with a join-development program to create advanced pressure piezoelectric sensors for the high demanding car industry. The company quickly expanded its business into the water smart sensor market introducing a new generation of piezo based ultrasonic meters with embedded wireless IOT communication.

Our Vision

High performance piezo sensors are still expensive and complex to integrate, Yzatec wants to bring customers innovative smart sensor technologies to drastically reduce costs without any compromise on performance.

The Sensor future will be : Network of Low Cost Intelligent Sensors